Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The majesty of Angkor Wat

Photos from our trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia in December of 2006.

The main reason for going to Siem Reap was to visit the Angkor Wat complex.


Like many of the breath taking structures that are awe inspiring because of size and span, the Angkor complex is preceded by a long approach. Likely this is so that you can take in the atmosphere and surroundings as you approach

angkor2006_ outercomplex_wall

One indicator of economic disparity was the shutter click quotient. While tourists carried multiple ways to take pictures, the locals made use of the local photographer to take a single picture to mark the memorable visit.

angkor2006_ portrait_photo

Dancers in costume waiting to be photographed with Angkor Wat in the background. While I suspect this was more a tourist trap by intent, I did not see any takers during our time there.

angkor2006_ dancers

The long corridors of the outer walls are filled end to end with Ramayana and Mahabharata etchings, as well as many other stories that I did not recognize. This is one of Hanuman

angkor2006_ hanuman

Statue heads on the outer walls lining the ramparts outside the complex

angkor2006_ gatefigures

Walking up and down these ramparts were these magnificent elephants. It was clear that the mahouts handling the elephants had a relationship with them. They were so comfortable and caring as they handled the beasts while they waited to ply riders up to the hilltemple adjacent to the main Angkor complex

angkor2006_ mshouts